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Buying Toys for Babies

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Buying Toys for Babies
We recognise that not everyone who buys toys for babies knows what toys are actually suitable for babies to play with.
We understand that not every toy buyer knows what toys are best for baby's development and what toys are purely for fun.
That is why we've sorted our website into sections.
And we've now written this article to help with some advice when buying toys for babies.

Suitable Toys for Newborns
  • An activity mat will allow your baby to explore colours, sounds and touch
  • Mobiles in cots are a focal point for all young babies as they often are brightly coloured and have soothing music
  • Toys that make a noise or are brightly coloured such as rattles are a good idea
  • Pram beads on a pushchair will attract their attention whilst you are busy pushing the buggy or shopping
  • Books with big, bright pictures to gaze at. Babies love faces as they start to be able to make out shapes and colours.
  • Any toy where the main colours are red, black and white as these are the first colours babies recognise.

Suitable Toys for Older Babies (3 months+)
  • Small balls and cuddly toys can be introduced and used for gentle throwing or tickling.
  • Babies like to explore everyday objects such as pots, pans and wooden spoons
  • Age-appropriate toys that can be put in the mouth as babies start to be able to coordinate picking a toy up and placing in the mouth
  • Age appropriate toys that will be put in the mouth should be painted with non-toxic paints and varnishes
  • Toys such as rattles or squeaky animals that are easy to grasp and drop
  • Stacking rings that are large enough for your young baby to lift, move and play with

What Newborn Babies are Able to Do
  • Your baby can start learning to focus and communicate through their voice
  • Movement is attractive to babies, as they find it hard to concentrate on any one thing. Your baby will be listening and trying to see everything.
  • Small babies can recognise red, black and white colours and will be attracted to anything with these colours

What an Older Baby is Able to Do
  • Babies begin to enjoy playing alone and alongside others
  • Your baby will begin to be able to control hand to eye co-ordination and be able to hold a toy or try to shake it.
  • At around 6 months, baby will be able sit and balance, use both hands to explore and will be able to drop objects, much to their delight.

We hope these few tips help you with your selection of toys for babies wherever you shop.

Toys for Babies

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