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What to Look for in Educational Toy

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What to Look for in Educational Toy

What to Look for in an Educational Toy What to Look for in an Educational Toy

What to Look for in an Educational Toy

By AMY JOHNSTON / KVUE News Many parents are shopping for the perfect !!<toy for their kids. While it's often obvious which toys are good or bad, it can be more difficult to find the not-so-obvious educational toy.

Kids are naturally curious, and parents can capitalize on that by picking toys that are more than just fun and games.

Kim Kofran is an education specialist with The Children's Courtyard. She says parents should ask themselves key questions before they buy.

Will they toy teach children social skills - motor skills or academic lessons? Even something as simple as an oversized button on a piece of string has educational value.

"I think there are lots of toys out there that we don't think about," Kofran said. "She's using her imagination, so she's got a mental image in her mind, and she's trying to make it happen with her three-dimension pieces. Lots of eye hand coordination - getting that little string into the hole."

Educational games are good for older kids too.

"Even older elementary and middle school -- it's really what the kids focus on, what they like to do. If they're really into science, that's a really easy one to go get your chemistry kit," Kofran said.

Another question to ask before you buy -- will an adult be able to interact with their child to increase their learning?

"Do we read the book to the child, do we sit and play legos and help them build? Do we take them to the next level and sit and talk with the kids and do those interactions, play with the kids?"

That time may be even more important than what you buy them.

As for the very popular video games, Kofran says they are good for hand-eye coordination, but hold little educational value.

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