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Hape Bamboo Toys

Ethical Toy Shop |  Hape Bamboo Toys

Hape Bamboo Toys
Hape Bamboo Toys pay close attention to play value and strict quality standards they combine imaginative toy designs with high-quality materials that naturally develop the abilities of children and support their development.
But more important to them is the element of fun and joy children experience when they play with Hape bamboo toys.
Hape Bamboo toys meet all international standards for safety and they understand their impact on the environment and handle resources with care and look for ways to reduce waste.
Hape believe children do not play to learn; Children learn because they play.
The Hape hallmark is innovative design and eco-friendly toys that children love to play with.

E-Racer Le Mans (HAP-897953)
blue racer

Price: 15.97 (19.16)

E-Racer Suzuka (HAP-897954)
green racer

Price: 15.97 (19.16)

E-Racer Monza (HAP-897952)
red racer

Price: 15.95 (19.14)

E-Truck Blue (HAP-897578)

Price: 19.97 (23.96)

E-Drifter (HAP-897782)
Bamboo Racer
Price: 19.97 (23.96)

E-Copter (HAP-897756)
bamboo helicopter

Price: 19.97 (23.96)

E-Plane (HAP-821519)
bamboo plane

Price: 19.97 (23.96)

E-Yellow Truck (HAP-821517)
bamboo truck

Price: 19.97 (23.96)

E-OffRoader (HAP-821518)
Bamboo off roader

Price: 19.97 (23.96)

Crazy Tower Game (HAP-897760)

Price: 25.95 (31.14)

Pallina Game (HAP-897550)
fun game

Price: 27.95 (33.54)

Hape Bamboo Toys
Hape Bamboo Toys contribute to the protection of a clean environment with their ecologically production plants.
They create high-quality bamboo toys to support and promote children in their development.
Their Vision is to become one of the world's leading toy manufacturers who support children's learning and fun with creating innovative and educational play ideas and products with high play value.

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