Enjoyable Play for Baby and You

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Enjoyable Play for Baby and You

Tips for Enjoyable Play for Your Baby and You Tips for Enjoyable Play for Your Baby and You

Tips for Enjoyable Play For Your Baby and You

What your Newborn Baby Can Do
  • Your baby can start learning to focus and communicate through their voice
  • Movement is attractive to babies, as they find it hard to concentrate on any one thing. Your baby will be listening and trying to see everything.

What You Can Do
  • Always try to communicate to your baby whether it is through speaking, singing, touching or tickling.
  • The more your communicate the better, as it helps your baby learn and develop.
  • Make the time to enjoy one-to-one play

What your Older Baby Can Do
  • Babies begin to enjoy playing alone and alongside others
  • Your baby will begin to be able to control hand to eye co-ordination and be able to hold a toy or try to shake it.
  • At around 6 months, your baby will be able sit and balance, use both hands to explore and will be able to drop objects, much to their delight.

What You Can Do
  • Give your baby plenty of time; they are still learning what they are capable of.
  • Be sensitive to your baby's body language and expressions.
  • Talk to your baby, explain what you are doing. Hearing a parent talk develops your baby's language skills.
  • Don't spend too long on any one game or toy as babies tire easily.

Suitable Games and Activitiies for Newborns
  • Peek-a-boo
  • Sing lullabies or songs to your newborn
  • Talk to your baby frequently, even if you are just walking to the shops
  • Watch your baby try to copy you as you pull faces
  • Tickle your baby, as all babies love to be touched.
  • Hold your baby while you dance to music.

Suitable Games and Activities for Older Babies
  • Clapping, singing and dancing are all great stimulants for your baby
  • Phsyical play can start to be encouraged
  • Be outside as often as possible as babies like to watch and hear new sights and sounds such as cars, dogs and trees.

Suitable Toys for Newborns
  • An activity mat will allow your baby to explore colours, sounds and touch
  • Mobiles in cots are a focal point for all young babies as they often are brightly coloured and have soothing music
  • Toys that make a noise or are brightly coloured such as rattles are a good idea
  • Pram beads on a pushchair will attract their attention whilst you are busy pushing the buggy or shopping
  • Books with big, bright pictures to gaze at. Babies love faces as they start to be able to make out shapes and colours.

Suitable Toys for Older Babies
  • Small balls and cuddly toys can be introduced and used for gentle throwing or tickling.
  • Babies like to explore everyday objects such as pots, pans and wooden spoons
  • Age-appropriate toys that can be put in the mouth as babies start to be able to coordinate picking a toy up and placing in the mouth
  • Toys such as rattles or squeaky animals that are easy to grasp and drop
  • Stacking rings that are large enough for your young baby to lift, move and play with.

British Toy and Hobby Association British Toy and Hobby Association
This information is taken from the BTHA (British Toy and Hobby Association) leaflet entitled Baby and Toddler Play.
You can get more information at

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Enjoyable Play for Baby and You

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