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Octivity Time
Octivity is a multi-sensory toy. This exciting and lively octupus has interesting textures for baby to touch and stimulating colours for baby to look at.
Each tentacle has a different sensation for baby - including crinkle touch and sound, spinning starfish, textured fabrics, tethered teether and mirror.
Suitable for 3 months+
**Availability - Out of Stock** see larger image

Price:  £15.00

Multi Senses Clutch Cube Multi Senses Clutch Cube
The Clutch Cube will stimulate all of baby's senses - it even comes with soothing apple scent.
Colourful and textured your baby will just love this clutch cube. It also has tethered teething rings to give them something to chew on.
**Availability - Normally delivered within 3 days** see larger image

Price:  £10.00

Ladybug & Butterfly Wrist Rattles
At around 3 months babies discover their hands and feet.
These ladybug and butterfly wrist rattles will draw their attention to their hands. One hand is a colourful ladybug, the other a bright butterfly. They encourage babies to move their hands so they can hear the rattle they make.
**Availability - Normally delivered within 3 days** see larger image

Price:  £6.00

Ladybug & Butterfly Footfinders
Stripey socks!!
But these are more than just socks - they're colourful and bright ladybug and butterfly rattles!!!
Babies discover their feet at around 3 months and with these on they might even find their feet a little bit quicker!!
**Availability - Out of Stock** see larger image

Price:  £7.00

Tug & Play Knot Block
The Tug & Play Knot Block is a rattle, it's a teether, it's also a squeaker!!
Colourful, textured, bright, exciting, interesting - baby's senses will be stimulated in just the right way before you know it baby will be exploring this knot block with mouth, hands and feet!
**Availability - Out of Stock** see larger image

Price:  £10.00

Grip & Grab Rattle
The Grip and Grab Rattle has easy grip handles for baby to grasp onto. With interesting textures to touch and chew and bright colours to keep baby interested.
You can't go wrong with this rattle!
**Availability - Normally delivered within 5 days** see larger image

Price:  £8.00

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