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Why Buy From Us - Corporate

Santa Grotto Toys |  Why Buy From Us - Corporate

Why Should You Buy Your Santa Grotto Toys from Us?
* You'll increase your profits
* You'll save TIME and MONEY
* You'll bring in more customers
* You can publicise Santa gives WOODEN toys
* You can charge more money
* Grotto customers often also spend elsewhere in your attraction

Who could use our Santa Grotto Toys and Books to increase profits?
Visitor attractions, museums, garden centres, shopping centres, racecourses, woodland trusts, stately homes, soft play areas, tourist attractions and so many more.

Currently we supply santa grotto toys to all of the above.

If you're not sure if we can help you increase your profits while saving both time and money please give us a call on 0845 544 0439 and we'll advise you honestly whether we can help you.

You WILL increase your profits

Our famously affordable wooden santa grotto toys and our books as grotto gifts have a high perceived value by parents, therefore you can raise the price of your Santa's grotto (as much or as little as you like) and they'll be happy to pay once they know your Father Christmas will be handing out wooden toys and books as gifts.

Just make sure you let them know that your Father Christmas will be giving out great wooden gifts or beautiful books that their children will love. Put it on all your advertising and publicity, including leaflets, newspaper adverts and more. Highlight it, make it a big thing and you'll increase your Santa Grotto profits.

In a recent anonymous survey 60% of our corporate Christmas Grotto customers told us that their Santa Grotto giving wooden toys or books from us brought more customers to their venue.

You WILL save time and money

All our santa grotto toys and books come gift wrapped FREE.

We take the hard work out of your Christmas business by doing all the gift wrapping that you'd have to recruit staff to do or pay extra staff to spend hours doing.

We know you'll save time and money when you buy toys and books from us to be given as gifts from Father Christmas in your Santa's Grottos because our customer's have told us so.

In a recent anonymous survey 100% of our corporate customers agreed that our giftwrapping service as well as the wooden toys saved them time and money and also enabled them to raise more revenue at Christmas 2012 from their santas grotto.

You'll Get MORE Customers into your Grotto and your Venue

If you purchase wooden toys and books as santa grotto gifts from us and you let your potential grotto customers know, then you'll get more parents bring their children to your Santa's Grotto.

Even the biggest most expensive Santa's Grottos don't always give out great toys as presents from Father Christmas.

Your venue's Christmas grotto will be giving beautifullly wrapped wooden toys or books as presents from Santa Claus, let everyone know this and you'll get more customers.

In our survey 80% of customers told us that their Christmas Santa Grotto brought in families that wouldn't normally visit their venues..

Christmas Grotto Customers Often Spend Elsewhere Within the Venue they're Visiting

When your publicity machine has brought families into your venue to visit Father Christmas in his grotto and get a great wooden toy or gift from Santa Claus, these same families are also now customer's of your venue.

They'll often spend money in your tearoom or your gift shop because they're already there and it looks inviting.

So if you make sure that parents know you're giving great gifts from Father Christmas (publicise, publicise, publicise this) then you'll get them through your front door, then it's up to the fabulousness of your venue to get them to spend more while they're there.

Our survey confirmed that 60% of our corporate customers were very pleased to experience grotto customer's spending money elsewhere within their venue.

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