Baby and Toddler Play

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Baby and Toddler Play

Baby and Toddler Play Baby and Toddler Play

Baby and Toddler Play - How Preschoolers Play

What is Play and Why is it Important?
Play provides your child with the opportunity to interact with others, both adults and children, at an appropriate level. This will help them acquire valuable social skills. Most importantly, play is fun, which is why children enjoy it so much.

Playing allows children constantly to learn about themselves, their environment, and the people around them.

Play in Early Childhoold
From conception through to birth, your baby is developing both physically and mentally. This development continues after birth at a very rapid rate.

The experiences your baby is exposed to enable the brain to create millions of nerve endings that will increase their learning power and enjoyment of life.

Play is crucial to your infant's brain development and contributes to the development of motor skills, perception, attention, emotion regulations, gender roles and coping with stress.

In order to support the role of play, create a positive, safe and happy environment for your child to play in and learn from. Reward good behaviour with praise, reassure your child during play without taking over and allow your child to explore and create, even if it does create a mess!

Babies and Play (0-12 months)
The needs of your newborn baby are very different to those of older children. Babies take an interest in everything that appeals to their senses, which is why communication from the earliest age is important.

Your newborn will grow and develop rapidly throughout this first year. Even the simplest activities will be great fun for them.

Through their enthusiasm, pleasure and excitement, it will start to be clear what your baby enjoys. As they grow older their communication skills will improve along with their eagerness to explore and be adventurous.

Young babies are naturally curious and require continual reassurance and encouragement. Over the months, encouraging babies to extend themselves without over-stretching their abilities will improve their physical development, learning, confidence and sociability.

Toddlers and Play (1-3 years)
At this age toddlers will become more mobile, curious and energetic as they begin to gain greater control over their own bodies. This stage is an exciting time for children as they learn what is fun and what they are capable of doing.

The speed of your baby's development is extremely rapid, so try to create new play opportunities as well as repeating past activities. This repeating of play allows your toddler to develop in a familiar and emotionally secure environment.

Children who experience quality play and positive attention have a rich childhood and will benefit both intellectually and socially. Although most parents have busy lives, it is still very important to encourage, participate and explore play experience with your child.

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Baby and Toddler Play

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