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Wooden Toy News

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Wooden Toys are Educational

Which wooden toy is the right wooden toy for your child? There are number of factors to consider:
  • what is the age range?
  • is the toy educational?
  • is the toy fun?

By age range I mean, what age is the toy appropriate for. Any good reputable toy retailer will mark the toy age appropriate eg 3 years+ or from birth.
By educational I mean does the wooden toy provide stimulation and learning through play?
And is the toy fun? If a child is to play with a toy and also learn from it then that toy has to be fun. There's no point in giving a child a fantastic looking toy if it doesn't appear to them. Because if it doesn't appeal to the child then they just won't play with it therefore they won't have fun and they won't learn anything from that toy.
Even baby toys can be educational and fun and wooden toys are particularly so.
For babies a good wooden toy choice would be a wooden rattle or grasping toy. Or for a slightly older baby some simple wooden blocks perhaps even a set in a pullalong trailer that will grow with them as they begin to toddle.
The combination of colour and sound of these types of wooden toys is stimulating for your little one and therefore educational. As your baby plays you can tell them all about the different colours, textures and sounds helping your child learn as you play together.
Toddlers aged 1-3 would benefit from a set of bright, colourful sound blocks, wooden puzzles or jigsaws and simple stacking toys.
Wooden puzzles are a great favourite with children of this age, as well as their parents. Toddlers can complete easy puzzles and the more practice they have the better their skills become. By the age of 3 children can begin to complete more complicated wooden puzzles and geometric shape toys, sequencing toys and play buildings such as farms, castles, fire stations and the old favourite - dolls houses.
All of these wooden toys are educational as well as social skills benefits. They are all also lots of fun for toddlers.
Parents may be anxious that their children learn from toys but it's important to remember that kids learn through play so the more fun they have while playing the more they'll learn. So bear this in mind when buying wooden toys for children of all ages including babies. This is the most important aspect for their development and well being.
Wooden Toys Work Little Brains

By Gary Clay
Of Monkeyshine

Wooden toys are simple playthings often appearing to be from a different era yet many children favour them over the more complicated synthetic toys on offer.
It can be infuriating for parents who spend a small fortune on the most popular toy on the market only to have their child spend five minutes poking at it before returning to their old wooden favourites.
Other than price there are a number of other benefits to investing in wooden toys for your kids:
  • Wooden toys are more solid and sturdy than their plastic counterparts. Wooden toys can be thrown, dropped, kicked and rolled. They can be used as small steps and can be the foundations of many imaginary worlds. Wooden toys can withstand heavy weights and pressure. And through all the tough and tumble children inflict upon their toys it's the wooden toys that never lose their lustre. You can do just about anything to a wooden toy and it'll survive looking just like it used to.
  • Wooden toys are often the best educational toys available to stimulate a child's cognitive and motor development. Typically wooden toys are simple puzzles or in the form of blocks and shapes. There are also wooden pull along toys and wooden trains that kids can roll around the floor with.
  • Wooden toys are simple yet educational toys. Wooden blocks can be used to teach shapes and colours as well as building skills. A growing child will learn more about construction and figure out sizes, weights and important building skills from their wooden blocks. While a simple wooden puzzle will encourage kids to use their congitive skills to figure out how to fit the puzzle together. Fitting the puzzle pieces together again and again strengthens a child's memory skills. And a wooden pull along toy works a child's muscles and develops his motor skills.

From a child's point of view the sheer simplicity yet educational offerings of wooden toys provides them a way to understand the workings of their world and yours.

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