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Top Ten Green Toys
As global warming forces our environment closer to complete catastrophe families are choosing to make the move towards living 'green lives'.
And this includes ethical toys for their children.
Gone are the days of buying all singing all dancing electronic toys for babies and toddlers. We're not willing to part with our hard-earned cash to buy plastic toys that are not biodegradable. And we do not want battery operated toys for our children because we now know that batteries are a blight on our landfills.
As parents we have realised that we can make a difference to our larger world and the world our children will inherit by buying green toys. This is supported by online specialist ethical toy retailer who have reported a massive 57 per cent increase in sales from this time last year.
Owners of online ethical toy seller, Julie and Margaret Rae, have compiled this list of the best and most favourite green toys bought by parents in 2006.

As is usual with best of lists in reverse order we present to you:-

10. Mary Learning Doll (3 years+) - A wonderful educational and creative play doll from Cause Toys who donate 50% of their profits to building schools in third world countries. They have now completed their fifth school in Africa.

9. Wooden Elephants Pram Chain (birth+) - Another Cause Toy made from environmentally friendly wood and painted with non-toxic paint. A gorgeous pram toy to keep baby amused, happy and healthy without endangering our world.

8. Pullalong Beefeater Skittles Set (1 years+) - A wooden pull along toy that is also a skittles set. Made by adults with disabilities in the UK and made from environmentally friendly rubberwood and painted with non-toxic paint.

7. Wooden Pullalong Blocks Truck (1 years+) - A fabulous wooden pull along truck containing 14 wooden bricks of all shapes and sizes. Great toy for manual dexterity. Made by adults with disabilities in the UK and made from environmentally friendly rubberwood and painted with non-toxic varnish.

6. Wooden Curly Centipede Number Jigsaw (2 years+) - This Fair Trade number jigsaw is made in Sri Lanka where adults workers are paid a fair wage and children are encourage to get an education. Made from environmentally friendly rubberwood and painted with non-toxic paint.

5. The Big Castle (3 years+) - This Fair Trade wooden castle has a working drawbridge and portcullis, murder hole, ladders and two armies of 7 soldiers each. Made in Sri Lanka in Fair Trade conditions. This wooden castle is made of environmentally friendly rubberwood. It would be a great addition to any little boy's room.

4. Small Wooden Noahs' Ark (3 years+) - Bright and colourful and fun educational Noah's Ark made in Sri Lanka in Fair Trade conditions. Comes complete with animals and Mrs & Mrs Noah. Made of environmentally friendly rubberwood.

3. Organic Heart Ring Rattle (birth+) - In cinnamon and natural this baby rattle has been handmade in Sweden from 100% organic cotton and is stuffed with nature's high tech asset - pure wool.

2. Wooden Cradle for Dolly (3 years+) - This solid wooden cradle for little dollies is made from environmentally friendly wood. It comes in natural wood colour but can be painted if wanted. A huge seller!

1. Wooden Jungle Skittles (3 years+) - Our bestselling ethical toy is this jungle skittles set. Made of environmentally friendly rubberwood this Fair Trade toy is a top toy for parents who choose to live green.

In the year when our nation's richest people donated more than £500million to good causes, a whopping £100m more than 2005, parents know they don't have to be millionaires to make a difference.
And they're proving it by buying ethical toys from The UK's parents are making their difference to the world by using their spending power to make a difference to the world their children will inherit.
Isn't that a great thing?

About Us is a family run business. We are an online toy shop specialising in fair trade, organic and environmentally friendly toys that are all educational, fun, exciting and stimulating.
Due to the lack of ethical toys being manufactured we also stock a small number of non-green toys that encourage education, fair play and imagination too. However, all our suppliers carefully audit their factories to ensure no children are employed, fair wages are being paid and no person works inhumane hours to mass-produce toys for the UK market.
We do not sell commercial or licensed toys as we believe our children are being commercialised far too young only to make money for massive toy manufacturers. We do not stock these toys are the multi-million pound toy manufacturers pump money into advertising that could be spent on creating more ethically sound toys and paying a living wage to their workers in third world countries. Our children are bombarded constantly with these adverts.
We would rather our children learn and become aware from playing with toys that have been created with their future in mind not just how much revenue they can raise.

You can find us online at where you can look at our huge range of products. But be warned you will not find Barbie or Action Man on our site, if that's what you're looking for then look elsewhere.

You an also contact me Julie Rae on 0870 760 7217 if you would like more information.

We can supply high resolution jpeg images by email or on CD. Or we can provide you with toys to photograph.

Thank you for taking the time to read this press release. I hope you're having a great day.

April 2006

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