30 Ways to Spend 30 Mins

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30 Ways to Spend 30 Mins

30 Ways to Spend 30 Minutes 30 Ways to Spend 30 Minutes

30 Ways to Spend 30 Minutes

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, sister or brother, you can initiate and encourage these activities - or better still join in yourself.

  • Dress Up Create an entire look, from outfit to make-up, for how they want to look when they grow up
  • Fashion Show Whether it's the kids themselves or boys' or girls' dolls, the models must remember to wiggle when they walk down the cat walk
  • Finger Puppet Pick a favourite character and make a finger puppet to look like them
  • Model Making Have a go at model making using clay, playdough, or plasticine
  • Design Design your own board game together
  • Nature Trail Try pressing flowers, making petal perfume and leaf rubbings
  • Jewellery Make using buttons, beads, or a jewellery kit
  • Popsongs Ask kids to choose their favourite pop song then invent a song and dance routine for the family

  • Acting Why not use your toys to re-create a soap opera like Neighbours
  • Role Play Try doctors or nurses, teacher and pupil or shopkeepers
  • Look After Someone Special Dolls can be dressed up, nursed through injury or illness, read to or taken on journeys
  • Model Trains/Cars Drive them! Give them personalities and adventures
  • Play Televisions A cardboard box is a fun and easily made television set
  • Big Brother Make up a game by choosing 9 toys and gradually "voting them out".

  • ASSAULT COURSE Create an activity assault course in your garden
  • HOPSCOTCH Chalk up a hopscotch grid on your driveway. Be creative with its shape to test their skills
  • PLAY BALL From simple catch to more complicated games like skittles with old cans or rounders
  • WATER In hot weather, you can't beat water games. Use water pistols, padding pools or hosepipes!
  • HIDE & SEEK Play hide and seek or sardines
  • TAG Burn off loads of energy (and calories for parents!) with Tag, Mr Crocodile and Simon Says

  • COMPUTER Set up a computer game knock-out with your kids and their friends
  • BUILDING BLOCKS Construct the biggest building using blocks - or the funniest one!
  • BOARD GAME Host a board game championship
  • MARBLES Organise a mini-marbles or Jacks or table football tournament.

  • WHO AM I? Play celebrity Who Am I? or 20 questions - remember only answer yes or no
  • WORD GAME Start with famous people. Think of a name, next to go says another name beginning with the initial of your choice's surname
  • STORY Concoct a group story using the order of the alphabet "My auntie went to China and bought...an armadillo, a balaclava, a cadillac..."
  • HOLIDAY DIARY Keep a holiday diary using used tickets, receipts and anything else to make a collage
  • TREASURE TRAIL Think of really tricky clues to lead them to the coveted prize.

Information gathered from the British Toy and Hobby Association.
To learn more about the BTHA please visit their website at

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30 Ways to Spend 30 Mins

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