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Doll Houses

Ethical Toy Shop |  Doll Houses

Wooden Dolls House

Not just traditional wooden dolls houses but all types of dolls houses. We have an environmentally friendly wooden house boat, fairtrade noahs ark, eco friendly scandinavian holiday home and green dolls house with 2 levels.

Noah's Ark  kp51933Noah's Ark kp51933
Natural organic wooden Noahs Ark with opening on side to put the animals on board two by two.
70 x 31 x 35 cms
Age 3 years+

see larger image
Price: 57.00 (79.80)

Passengers for Noah's Ark  kp53975Passengers for Noah's Ark kp53975
Noahs Ark passengers - all the passengers that boarded Noahs Ark two by two.
Includes Mr & Mrs Noah, giraffes, elephants, lions, crocodiles and more.
All made of environmentally friendly wood.
Age 3 years+
see larger image
Price: 30.00 (42.00)

Farmhouse (kp)Farmhouse (kp)
Wooden dolls house farmhouse with 2 storeys and an open roof for full play. Windows open to the front.
Wooden farmhouse also has outside staircase for fully play.
65 x 35 x 43 (cms)
Age 3 years +
**Availability - Normally shipped within 5 days**

see larger image
Price: 70.00 (98.00)

Scandinavian Holiday Home - KP 51983Scandinavian Holiday Home - KP 51983
Wooden dolls house in bright red in the style of a traditional Scandinavian Holiday Home.
Wooden dolls house Scandinavian holiday home is perfect for both girls and boys.
Made of solid environmentally friendly wood, this is a sturdy little house.
55 x 27 x 30 cm
Age 3 years +
**Availability - Normally delivered within 5 days**
see inside house
Price: 46.00 (64.40)

Dolls House with 2 Floors   kp51961Dolls House with 2 Floors kp51961
Wooden traditional dolls house with two levels and easy access for imaginative, creative dolls house play.
The roof has two openings to allow access to floor two from above while the front of the house is completely open.
Also has window cut outs at each side and at the back.
Age 3 years+
see larger image
Price: 76.00 (106.40)

Wooden Dolls House with 3 Floors  KP 51957Wooden Dolls House with 3 Floors KP 51957
Wooden dolls house with three floors and easy access for imaginative play with the house.
There are two openings on the roof and the front of the house is completely open.
This house is a little girls dream house.
Made from environmentally friendly wood.
Age 3 years+
see larger image
Price: 85.00 (119.00)

Ethical Toy Shop |  Doll Houses

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