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Ethical Birthday Party Book

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Birthday Party Book"/>
Birthday Party Book
Birthday Party by Tracey Benton offers a simple, fun, affordable and ethical approach to children's parties.

And there's not a pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey in sight.
Instead there are fantastic new games using unusual props from around your home such as socks, buckets, newspaper and even squeezy cheese! You're encouraged to make use of what you already have rather than buy more 'stuff'. Great if you're on a budget, eco-minded or both.

Simple Food that's Tasty, Natural & Easy Peasy
The food is simple, tasty, natural (no additives or colourings), quick-to-prepare and inexpensive too. There are also suggestions for simple home-made invitations, unusual party bags that make the most of recycling as well as cool stuff to put in the bags.

The 'reportage' style photos are of real children (not models) having fun at a series real parties. We even gate-crashed Evie's 7th birthday for some of our stunning reportage pictures.

Birthday Party is ethically produced, making use of local suppliers in the South West of England, UK. It's printed on 100% recycled paper (post consumer waste) using vegetable inks and we've sourced a top-notch bio-degradable laminate to protect the cover.

Contents include:
- The party basics
- Party politics
- How to run a standard 2-hour party
- Distraction tactics
- Checklist
- Scoring the games
- Games
- Nutrition advice
- Recipes:
Savoury Stuff
Sweet Stuff
Quick & Easy
- Invitations
- Party bags
- Cool stuff to put in the bags

Here's what's been said about the book so far:

'Over-the-top kids' parties drive me nuts! I believe in simplicity and fun for such events above all else, so this book hit the spot for me. My daughters were just poring over it, and kept saying 'Oooh, that's such a good idea, can we do that?', so it seems to appeal to them too! The photos are perfect - very refreshing not to see 'perfection' as usual - whose house ever looks like that?!' Liz Fraser best-selling author of The Yummy Mummy's Ultimate Family Survival Guide

It's an invaluable guide that steps back in time, with modern versions of classic party games that provides non-stop fun for the children and a treasure trove of happy memories for parents.' Bristol Evening Post

'The emphasis is right back on that old fashioned concept of having FUN with games and easy grub that they'll eat and won't take a week to prepare. Or clear up.' Families

'Packed full of new, interesting, affordable, healthy and green ideas for children's parties.' The Telegraph & Argus (West Yorkshire)

'At long last there's a mum brave enough to say what others quietly mutter before their kids' birthdays. 'Just ditch the party bags,' Western Daily Press (Somerset)

About the Author:
The author, Tracey Benton, has written extensively for both the national and regional media. Over the years she has run many after-school clubs, parties and creative writing workshops for children. She's also a qualified yoga teacher and this has heavily influenced the ethical, non-competitive approach in Birthday Party. Tracey runs two yoga classes a week: one for children and a separate class for local teachers. She grew up in West Yorkshire, lived in Bristol for 18 years and now lives near the sea in North Devon with her 12-year-old daughter Ellie. Birthday Party is self-published by Tracey who set up Ziegel Publishing so that she could have greater control over the environmental impact of her book.

About Ziegel Publishing.
We're a small independent publisher based in Devon (South West of England). Our aim is to produce beautiful, practical books as ethically as possible. Our books are different and we want them to look, feel and smell different too.

The children's birthday party market has reached a stage of madness. Instead of being about fun and friendship, parents are competing to outdo each other over who can provide the most memorable, lavish party. That's just exhausting! Our series of party books aim to show that there is another way. Let's take the pressure off, keep it simple and have great fun.

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Price: 12.99 (18.19)

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