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Dear Customer

Welcome to the Toys to You Ethical and Educational Children's Toy Shop.
This online ethical children's toy shop began as an idea when I was pregnant with my son, Jake, more than 14 years ago. I can't believe that I'm old enough to hav a 14-year-old child!! But I am!
It took 12 years, many mistakes, many different careers and a good kick up the bum to eventually get it off the ground.
But finally here it is. And I am so, so proud of it.
I designed it and despite having no website design experience I actually created the website that you are viewing just now. So please forgive me for any mistakes or hiccups that might occur!


I really do hope that you find what you're looking for in the Toys to You toy shop, but if there's something you desperately want but can't find please drop me an email and I'll see if I can lay my hands on it for you.

Toys to You didn't start life as an internet toyshop. Actually the company originally began life as a Santa Grotto Gift and Santa Gift supplier. And I still offer this service, mainly to the childcare sector and shopping centres, but if you have a christmas party or run a Santa's Grotto and you give christmas gifts to the children from Santa then please consider Toys to You for these children's Christmas party toys. Or if you have a child in nursery school please tell them about the Toys to You Santa Gift service.

Toys to You became an internet toy shop after I went along to one of the many Trade Fair's around the country. I didn't and don't like plastic toys or branded/licensed toys. I never have and didn't want to sell them. But at these Trade Fairs I discovered that I could actually sell toys that had been made with a conscious consideration to the environment and toys that had been made to Fairtrade practices.

I was over the moon. And thus, Toys to You online ethical Toy Shop was born.


While you're browsing through our ethical educational toy shop look out for toys marked !!<CAUSE TOY.
CAUSE is a new high quality brand of environmentally friendly wooden toys made with the unique and innovative idea that toys can link the happiness of two children from completely different worlds.
When you buy CAUSE toys from our toy shop you bring happiness to your children and you help to provide a school education for working children in the Third World because 50% of Cause profits go towards just that.
Last year the fourth CAUSE school was opened in Mali using money from toys bought by people like you and me.
So far, they've already built schools in Vietnam, Peru and Columbia working hand in hand with the children's relief organisation Terre des Hommes.
Their toysare top class and made to give children something - for their hands, brains and souls.


As this site has developed I realised as a businesswoman I could be doing more to help, especially after the terrible tragedy of the tsunami on Boxing Day. Therefore, I have made the decision to stock fair trade childrens toys including fair trade wooden toys.
These toys are made in third world countries under unique partnerships with our suppliers. These partnerships help foster safe and hygenic working conditions, living wages, fair hours and non-discriminatory policies. Child labour is not used.
Where possible I have highlighted our Fair Trade Wooden Toys.


Our wooden toys are made either from environmentally friendly wood from sustainable forestation or rubberwood from exhausted rubber plantations.>!!
The raw product of wood is required to make wooden toys, but we believe that whoever takes something from the earth, should also give the earth something back.
Therefore, our manufacturers of wooden toys plant new forests to put something back into our earth for the wood they take from it.


When you buy a children's toy from the Toys to You ethical toy shop, you are buying a toy that will stimulate your child's vivid imagination, develop their skill and help them grow. You may even help to build a school or a forest or the life of a family!

Learning is fun with toys with integrity from Toys to You!

Hope you are well, happy and healthy.

managing director

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The Toys to You Team

Let me introduce you to our team :

First of all there's me, Julie, managing director

Then there's Margaret, our sales and customer services director. Who many of you have probably talked to on the phone.

And there's Ian, who is a director and general dogsbody (that's what he calls himself!)

Then there's Andrew, who is our company secretary and my brother.

And last but not least, we have Jake and Eve, my children who help us pick the toys we sell to you. Without them we would have no idea what to buy. Thanks kids!

As you know we're a family business and that family name is Rae. I'm the daughter of Margaret and Ian, the mother of Jake and Eve and the sister of Andrew.

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Our Managing Director

Our Managing Director

This is our Managing Director, Julie. Yes, she really does dress like a 70s throwback!!

Toys to You Gopher

Toys to You Gopher

As mentioned above the part of Toys to You Gopher is played by my dad, Ian. Here's how he looks most of the time. He's very happy and content in his job!!

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