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All About Us Here at Toys to You

Baby toys, toddler toys and preschool toys
We are a family run business who believe in children learning through playing with toys that encourage creative play, challenge their minds, boost and help develop their growing skills.
Toys to You is made up of a daughter and mother team.
My own children help choose all the toys we sell for your children.

We set up the Toys to You online ethical and educational toy shop to provide you with the largest possible selection of ethical toys that also boost and benefit your baby's and children's growth and development.
We also set up our shop to save you money and time.

Our website hasn't been designed by professionals and we haven't paid a fortune to get our website, this means we have been able to transfer these savings to you. Julie, that's me, has learned how to design and create websites and the site you're looking at now was created by me at very little cost!

And when you buy from the Toys to You Toy Shop you can help children in third world countries as well as their families. A lot of the toys we sell come are fair trade toys, one even hands over 50% of their profits to building schools for third world children. We also have a range of specially selected environmentally friendly wooden toys which will help you to help the environment. For every tree that is chopped down to make a toy at least two trees are replanted.

All our toys comply with EC Toy Safety regulations and, where appropriate, carry the CE mark. Some items are not recommended for children under 3 as they contain small parts but many would be very suitable for a bright 2 year old.
Wherever possible we give age recommendations but please use them as a guide, not in place of your own judgement. Do phone us if you have any questions.

The Toys to You ethical and educational Toy Shop is open 24 hours a day seven days a week to save you time and money; save children and families from poverty; save our environment for our children to enjoy decades from now.

Our Green Policies
As an an eco-friendly and green online toyshop we specialise in reusing and recycling to reduce our carbon footprint as much as we can.
Here's what we do:
  • we use recycled paper for all correspondence, leaflets, etc
  • we recycle all packaging. That's why your toy may come in a box that's a bit bashed looking. We keep and then reuse all the boxes and packaging materials that we receive toys in.
  • we print as little paperwork as we can
  • we encourage toy recycling wherever possible and provide comprehensive information on how to do so on our site
  • we have introduced our Grow Your Own Christmas Tree scheme whereby every customer gets a free packet of Scots pine tree seeds to help make their toy purchase carbon neutral.
  • we do not produce a catalogue as we believe it be a waste of paper even recycled paper when you can view our whole range online in the comfort of your own home or office
I hope that helps you understand a little bit more about our green policies.

UK's Largest Ethical Toy Shop
Yes, you did read this correctly.
There are many online shops available that sell ethical toys but they also stock a whole host of other baby items such as green nappies, organic lotions and potions.
We don't do that. We give you toys, just toys and lots of them.
Because we're specialists in ethical toys and nothing else, we have the largest selection of ethical toys of any UK online ethical toy store.
You can find wooden toys made from sustainable resources, wooden toys that are Fairtrade and made from exhausted rubberwood plantations (ie sustainable), soft activity toys designed in Sweden, wooden toys made in Europe, wooden toys where the 50% of the profits help build schools in third world countries, soft baby toys, wooden baby toys and much, much more.
If you're looking for ethical toys and you can't find it here you probably won't find it anywhere!!
Your Child's Safety
Your child's safety is of utmost importance to us. We wouldn't be responsible toy retailers if it wasn't.
And therefore we have carefully selected every single toy in our online toy shop for it's ethical qualities and it's safety.
You won't find any toys in our toy store that have been painted with lead paint. All our wooden toys are painted with non-toxic paints and varnishes. The majority of our wooden toys are made in Europe with many of them being hand made and handpainted. You can't ask for much more than that!
Escor, one of our suppliers based in the UK recently changed the wheels on all their wooden vehicles as they failed to meet their new even more stringent toy safety tests. Their wheels are now made of nylon instead of wood.
You are guaranteed safe toys in toy shop. We don't stock Mattel or Dora or even Thomas the Tank engine or any of the toys involved in last summer's multi-million dangerous toy recalls.
Every single toy on our site has gone through rigorous safety testing by the manufacturers and then by the suppliers. And every single toy in our shop meets UK and EU safety regulations.
In fact, all our toys comply with EC Toy Safety regulations and, where appropriate, carry the CE mark.
Every toy in our shop is marked with the appropriate age however, some items are not recommended for children under 3 as they contain small parts but many would be very suitable for a bright 2 year old.
Wherever possible we give age recommendations but please use them as a guide, not in place of your own judgement. Do phone us if you have any questions.
Our Company Values
Because you're little ones are important to you, they are important to us. Therefore, we at Toys to You don't believe in the commercialisation of preschool children with licensed toys. In our opinion when you buy a licensed toy such as Thomas or Dora or Barbie you are bringing advertising into your own home on that toy. And we don't want to encourage that.
You will only find toys help boost and develop children's growth and learning on our website. You won't find Barbie or Action Man in the Toys to You toy shop because we don't think that the mass market of character licensing is what parents want for the things they treasure most in the world.

We think that parents want toys that inspire children within the areas of infant toddler development. Toys that encourage exploration, discovery and a love of learning - those are the toys we stock at Toys to You. And they are also all either ethically traded, sourced or made.

In the Toys to You toyshop -
  • You will find ethical educational toys for 3 to 4 year olds, preschool and toddler toys, baby nursery toy and more
  • You will only be able to buy toys that encourage motor activities to help infant development
  • You will only find completely child-safe non toxic baby and preschool toys painted with non-toxic paint.
  • You will only be able to buy child play development toys that stimulate already active and vivid imaginations
  • You will only find early years toys with bold colours, contrasting fabrics and soothing sounds.
  • You will only be able to buy baby nursery toy which develop motor skills and co-ordination.
  • You will only find infant developmental toys which stimulate sight, hearing and touch.
  • You will only be able to buy toys which grant parents a feeling of security.

    When you buy from the Toys to You toy shop your children will be given the best start in life with toys which inspire exploration and discovery, make playtime special and captivate their imaginations.
    Generational toys that can be handed down from generation to generation that don't harm the environment our next generations will inherit.

    You can buy toys from the Toys to You toy shop safe in the knowledge that we think as highly of your children as you do.


    Many of our stockists have been awarded Fair Trade status. Meaning local skills abroad are respected, enchanced and secured; regular employment is assured and suppliers are promptly paid; full and fair prices are paid for products; partnerships include interest-free investment to help suppliers develop and expand. These partnerships help foster safe and hygienic working conditions, living wages, fair hours and non-discriminatory policies.
    Child labour is not used.


    All of our wooden toys are sourced from suppliers who respect our environment. They use either environmentally friendly wood, replanting two trees for every one chopped down or they use rubberwood from exhausted rubber plantations which are replanted every 10-15 years.


    One of our suppliers, Cause Toys, donates 50% of the profits from their toys and baby toys to building schools in third world countries for children who would otherwise not attend school or receive an education. They have so far built four schools and are currently building their fifth.

Our guarantee to you is - if you are not completely satisfied with the toys you have bought from us, if they do not meet the above promises then we will give you a full refund.

Contact Us
If you have any questions or problems please get in touch with us and we will do our best to help you.

The Toy Telephone: 0845 544 0439

Or write to us at

Nappers Cottage
South Street
East Sussex
TN20 6UH


Children's Toy Profits Build Schools

This company uses profits from its wooden toys and soft toys to build schools in third world countries using 50% of their profits. All toys are made from environmentally friendly wood.

Fair Trade Green Toys
These Fair Trade toys are made in Sri Lanka where workers are paid a living wage and no children are employed.

Wooden Toys Made in Europe
All these wooden toys and educational toys are made from environmentally friendly wood. When one tree is cut down another three are planted.

Green Toys Made in the UK
Escor Toys are manfactured from quality managed Beech wood forests by people with disability to a very high quality. Escor Toys are used by both Health and Education professionals as they allow children to use their imagination and express themselves through play. This encourages the development of counting, colour and dexterity skills. Our Workshop has been in existance since 1914 providing valuable employment for people with a wide range of disabilities.

Swedish Soft Activity Toys
Soft activity toys designed and made in Sweden the capital of ethical living. These toys which are aimed at all areas of infant toddler development including childrens gross motor skills and child development fine motor skills.
Magical Play Times toys are beautiful and unique Swedish designed products for babies through to preschoolers. They aim to stimulate children's learning, imagination and role-play.

Natural Swedish Baby Toys
Well designed, in colours and shape these baby toys are handcrafted in Sweden. Some are made from 100% organic materials while others are made from certified natural cotton. All are filled with nature's own hightech fibre - wool.

Green Toys, Green Company
The multi-award winning Plan Toys selects environmentally friendly materials when making their childrens toys. All Plan toys begin with clean, natural rubberwood recycled from rubber trees no longer able to produce latex. Plan Toys uses a chemical free kiln in the drying process to stabilise the wood.
Plan Toys uses non-formaldehyde glue when assembling their children's toys. They use non-toxic waterbased dyes to add accent colours. This colour contains no heavy metal elements such as lead or mercury. They also use soy ink and water based ink on printed materials.
Plan Toys conserves the forest. Their mission is to restore balance in the natural world, help reduce global warming through a reforestation program.
PlanToys also creates toys that enhance the skills of disabled children and to provide them with mental and physical development opportunities.

I'M Toys
Family Run Green Toy Maker
I'M Toy is a family run toy manufacturer established in 1987. Over the past 20 years they've developed a strong range of wooden and fabric toys.
Using sustainable rubber wood, natural paints and finishes since setting up production I'M Toy follows strong environmental policy and have strict safety regulations in place.
All I'M Toy childrens toys are developed to offer excitement, amazement and interest to little ones. Their eco-friendly toys will also aid children's mental, physical and social development.
I'M Toy have successfully pushed the boundaries of creativity, environmental toy manufacture, production processes and safety standards within the toy industry over the past 20 years.
When you buy an I'M Toy childrens toy you know you're buying a safe, beautiful, eco-friendly toy for your child.

0870 Tel Numbers
We have always had an 0870 telephone number however we have NEVER made any money from this number.
As many of you may know it has been alledged that lots of the larger companies such as Sky and Argos and many, many more have been accused of making huge amounts from their 0870 tel numbers. It has been alledged that they keep customers on hold for ten minutes or more and it has recently been reported that they have been raking in up to £150,000 a year from what are known as 'kickbacks'.
0870 numbers were previously charged at a rate of up to 8ppm and ompanies who ran the numbers offered cash 'kickbacks' to companies using the numbers.
This is because the supplier companies were making so much money from people calling these numbers usually when they called the larger companies they could afford to offer these cash 'kickbacks'.
We have NEVER taken any part in receiving kickbacks from our telephone number supplier. In fact we have never been offered any kind of kickback but if we had we would have refused as this is totally against our ethical policy.
When we first started out we took advantage of the cheap cost of the 0870 number we still have. It cost us only £9.99 to set up and we have paid nothing for it since.
As of January 2008 we can all dial up 0870 tel numbers with ease and without worry as Ofcom has finally regulated them.
A call to an 0870 number now costs the same as a geographical call to say a 01 or 02 number and is now often included in call packages.
Unfortunately it is not law that the price to call an 0870 number be reduced and therefore if the supplier company chooses not to reduce the cost of the call then they must inform every caller at the start of the call with a free prerecorded message of how much the call will cost them per minute. It is hoped that this will remove the hidden call charges of non-reduced 0870 numbers.
You can find more information on the 0870 number changes at Ofcom.

Childrens toys, kids toys, baby toys that are all ethical toys, Fairtrade toys, green toys, eco-friendly toys, organic toys and fair trade toys for toddlers, preschoolers and babies. All Toys to You toys are ethical, age appropriate and safe. Also fundraising & bulk Santa Grotto toys and Childrens Party Toys at Toys to You.

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