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Licensed Toys

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Licensed Toys - Advertising in Your Own Home?
At Toys to You we took the conscious decision not to stock licensed toys such as Thomas the Tank Engine, Bratz, Barney to name but a few.
We took this decision because basically I believe that when you buy a licensed toy, normally at an inflated price, you are bringing advertising into your own home. And I believe that children are advertised to too much already without them experiencing it in their bedrooms as they play with their merchandised, linked to a top TV show, toy.

There has been a great hoo haa in the media lately about TV advertising aimed at children. The government has been asked to look at advertising and the way our children are bombarded by it. You know the kind of advert - it's too bright, it's too colourful and it's way too loud and they show them during the children's TV shows after school or all the time on the kids digital TV channels.
Questions have been asked because we parents have rightly decided that it is wrong to brainwash our children with these advertisements that draw them in with their neon bright colour schemes and the (always) happier than happy children playing with them.
We're sick of hearing our children cry: "I want that one!" in direct response to one of these commercials.
Toys are Big Business
The toy market is huge. It is mega big business. In the early nineties toy manufacturers and advertisers realised that children were probably the largest consumers in the world because we parents want to make them happy and thus we'll buy them as much as we can afford to do just that - make them happy.
And advertising aimed at children was born and over the past 20 odd years it has evolved into something barely recognisable. Toy manufacturers even create cartoons around toys already on the shelves as a way to boost sales. Anybody remember He Man? That's exactly how that cartoon came about.

And we now have the licensed toy market which is worth billions of dollars worldwide. Toy companies work in conjunction with cartoon and TV show creators to manufacture merchandise that our children desperately want because they watch the show or cartoon and they love it. And all their friends have one or want one. Toy merchandisers thrive on playground peer pressure!!
Not only do we have Bratz dolls, we now have Bratz the movie and Bratz the concert!! There was Rugrats the cartoon, then we had Rugrats the soft dolls, then Rugrats the movies.
It's a huge industry. And every time we purchase a licensed, merchandised toy we encourage the multi billion dollar toy industry to saturate the market with them more and more.
Your Child's Very Own Bedtime Advert
Our children don't need any more advertising than they are already bombarded with on a daily basis. And every time we purchase a licensed, merchandised toy we bring that advertising into our own homes.
Do you really want your child advertised to continually? Because that's what's happening and the more money we spend on these toys the more the advertising will grow. And when your child snuggles up in bed with Barney or some other licensed toy your child is snuggling up to his or her very own bedtime advert.

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