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Top 10 Children's Toys - Preschoolers

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Top 10 Childrens Toys for Christmas

Top 10 Childrens Toys for Christmas
10. Wooden Bunk Beds £30.00 - Made in Germany these fabulous wooden bunk beds have been one of our bestsellers for the past two Christmases. They're made from green wood and are 59 x 55cms in size.
9. Soft Beauty Box £24.00 - Designed in Sweden this fantastic soft activity toy is great for creative play. The Beauty Box contains soft grown up things like lipstick, hairdryer, compact and eye shadow. number 9
8. Eco Rocket £19.99 - From the wonderful brand new Ecotronic range this rocket has flashing lights and rocket sounds but it has no batteries!! The eco rocket is u-powered. You shake it to make it work.
7. Big Farm in a Box £50.00 - Fairtrade wooden toy made in Sri Lanka. This is a whole lotta toy for the money. Everything a child could ever wish for to create their own play farm is inside this wooden storage box (handy!) including a barn, a shed, farmers, fencing and animals.
6. Wooden Elephant Alphabet Puzzle £22.00 - Fairtrade wooden puzzle in the shape of an elephant made in Sri Lanka. Each puzzle piece has a letter of the alphabet on it. This puzzle encourages alphabet learning as well as hand eye co-ordination and it's fun too. Number 6
5. Wooden Construction Set £43.00 - This construction set is made of eco-friendly wood in the UK by adults with disabilities and learning difficulties. It comes complete with everything to a child would need to build their own construction vehicles. With easy assemble components.
4. Soft Medieval Castle £24.00 - Designed in Sweden this medieval castle has it's own drawbridge, a prince and princess, a white horse, a dragon, a witch and a treasure chest. And even better for mums - it all folds neatly inside the castle which turns into a storage bag in the shape of a castle
3. Pirate Ship £32.97 - From infamous eco-friendly toy manufacturer Plan. Every child loves a pirate ship and this one is made from solid green wood. Pirates ship comes with pirates, small rowing boat, crows nest and red pirate sail.
2. Melody Mix £37.95 - This is from relatively new green company I'M Toy. This musical feast for toddlers is a great price and is filled to the brim with all manner of fabulous musical instruments. It's excellent value for money as you don't just get the musical instruments you also get a stand for them all for storage.
And in at NUMBER ONE is...
1. The Big Castle £55.00 - Fairtrade eco-friendly wooden big castle that's 497x429x260mm in size. The Big Castle has a working drawbridge and portcullis, murder hole, ladders and two armies of 7 soldiers each. Again, this children's toy offers great value for money and both girls and boys will love this castle. It's perfect for single creative play and group play, for the home or for the day nursery.
Basically it's our best selling all round top toy that is not only affordable but top value for money.
There you go that's our 'alternative' Top Ten Children's Toys for Christmas for preschool children. They're all affordable and all offer top value for money. And they're all either ethically traded, sourced or made.

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