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KidKraft Toys

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KidKraft Toys
KidKraft children's toys are amazingly creative and imaginatively created to the highest standards.
KidKraft toys specialise in creative play toys to fuel children's imaginations because they believe that every child is an individual with a limitless capacity to explore and create.
Therefore, they design (the company was started by a engineers so design has always been high on their agenda and meets the most stringent requirements) toys that help and encourage your children to learn through play, to learn through their own explorations and to learn through their own creativity.
KidKraft is one of the leading manufacturers of wooden toys in the United States and we are incredibly lucky and pleased to be able to offer them for sale in the UK.
KidKraft is committed to stringent quality standards and the integrity of their designs is apparent beyond what the eye can see.
KidKraft toys are, quite simply, great toys for children. And you can't ask for much more than that.

**Please note, that some KidKraft toys may contain plastic parts.**

Waterfall Mountain Train Table (kid 17850)
train set & table

Price: 154.99 (185.99)

Deluxe Train Set and Table (kid 17836)
train set with table

Price: 159.97 (191.96)

Lil' Doll Cradle (kid 60101)
dollies cradle

Price: 39.97 (47.96)

Lil' Doll High Chair (kid 61101)
dolls high chair

Price: 39.97 (47.96)

So Chic Dollhouse (Kid 65078)
So Chic Dollhouse (Kid 65078)
Wooden Dollhouse

Price: 224.97 (269.96)

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