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Eco Baby - A Guide to Green Parenting

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Eco Baby - A Guide to Green Parenting
by Sally J. Hall

Eco Baby shows new parents how to make ethical decisions about the products they buy, as well as giving them an easy route to greening their baby's life.
Sally Hall looks at every aspect of a new baby's life in the first year, including:

  • baby gear - from cot to car seat
  • nappies - a hot topic of debate recently: what are the pros and cons of disposable versus washable nappies?
  • decorating the nursery - besides raising concerns about the planet, paints, varnishes and furnishing materials may have an impact on your child?s health
  • clothing - the best organic sources that are non-allergenic and free from chemicals
  • food - the benefits and advantages of breast feeding, a guide to formula milks, dairy intolerances and natural alternatives
  • toiletries - some of our most famous toiletry brands, even those aimed at babies, contain artificial ingredients, fragrances and colours that raise health concerns
  • Toys and educational items - you can make your child?s toy box more ethical by choosing wisely from sustainably managed materials and fair-traded products.

Packed with helpful tips, and with a comprehensive index of companies, products and services, Eco Baby is an essential guide for all parents concerned about the health of their baby and the world their children will inherit.

The Author: Sally J Hall was Consumer Editor of Pregnancy & Birth magazine for four years and has written for all the major baby magazines; she also ran a baby shop in Crouch End, before returning to journalism. She is a regular contributor to The Independent, writing for its consumer section on baby and child care, green and environmental issues; she also writes for The Express, Daily Mail and New Consumer. She lives in North London with her family.

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