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Childrens Toys

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Childrens Toys

Childrens toys can be fun, educational and ethical, believe it or not.
It is important that childrens toys are fun for children to play with. If they're not fun then children won't play with them.
You can spend as much money as you like on toys for your children but if they're just not fun then they'll spend the rest of their lives in the corner of the playroom unattended, unplayed with lonely old toys!
So we only sell childrens toys that are great fun for children to play with.
But they're not just fun childrens toys they're also educational childrens toys and more than that, at Toys to You, they're also ethical toys.

What more can you ask for?

Value for money?

Well we provide that as well...

Wooden childrens toys that are affordable, solid and sturdy, painted with non-toxic paints (no lead in the paint on the toys we sell guaranteed!), made from wood from sustainable forestation that are also fun to play with.
The perfect childrens toys!! And they're all available right here at Toys to You.

Childrens toys, to be honest, need to challenge and educate our children. That's why we part with out hard earned cash to buy them for our little ones. They need to encourage our children to learn through play, but if they're not fun then they won't learn a thing.

Creative play toys such as dress up clothes and make believe kitchen and construction worlds, are fabulous toys to get children to learn about the world around them and to boost their imaginations.
And toys that challenge preschoolers minds like puzzles and jigsaws are great when they're colourful and bright and fantastic fun. These kinds of toys are excellent for hand eye co-ordination and brain power. So are things like toy garages, dolls houses, marble runs and games that involve numbers and/or alphabets.

Childrens Toys
What Makes a Toy Ethical?
There are thousands of different excellent childrens toys out there are both fun and educational. If you want to purchase a childrens toy that is also ethical then look for toys that are:
(a) Fair trade toys - these toys have fairtrade accrediation from the Fairtrade foundation and are made to Fairtrade practices.
(b) Eco-friendly/green wooden toys - these wooden childrens toys are made from wood from sustainable forests. Often when one tree is cut down at least 3 are replanted to replace that one tree.
(c) Organic toys - these toys are made from organic materials such as organic cotton and have been certified as organic.
(d) Ethical childrens toys - are made without exploitation of children or women. Fair wages are paid in factories, fair hours are worked and no sweat shops are used. Often the manufacturers help make people's lives better. One of the ethical companies we use, for example, employ adults with disasbilities to make their range of green wooden toys
(e) Non-toxic paints - these are normally green wooden toys that have been guaranteed to have been painted with non-toxic paint and varnish ie no lead will be found in the paint and these toys are safe for babies and older.

Ethical Educational Toys

Childrens toys, kids toys, baby toys that are all ethical toys, Fairtrade toys, green toys, eco-friendly toys, organic toys and fair trade toys for toddlers, preschoolers and babies. All Toys to You toys are ethical, age appropriate and safe. Also fundraising & bulk Santa Grotto toys and Childrens Party Toys at Toys to You.

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