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Bring More Customers into Your Santa's Grotto

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How Can I Get More Customers into my Christmas Santa's Grotto?

We’ve a great tip to help you get more customers into your Santa grotto and it’s a trick that most of you miss out on - tell your customers how great the toys you’re giving as gifts from Father Christmas are.

But, be aware, you can only tell them that if you are giving great gifts and presents in your Christmas grotto such as wooden toys from Toys to You.

Make sure every single piece of advertising you do for your Christmas grotto tells your potential customers that their child will receive a wooden toy from Father Christmas at your Grotto. Most grotto advertising simply says: "Children will receive a small gift from Santa"

Expand on that, tell your customers what they’ll get for their money. Sure they’re getting the experience of your Santa’s grotto and they’ll happily pay for that. But also tell them that their child will get a wooden toy as a gift from Father Christmas and your customers will increase and your profit/fundraising will go up too.

The santa grotto toys Toys to You specialise in are traditional, solid and sturdy wooden toys that won’t break on the first play.

They’re perfect for fundraising Christmas grotto’s as well as corporate revenue raising grotto’s quite simply because children love them and parents adore them. And when parents adore the gifts their children get from Father Christmas at a grotto then they’ll happily spend that little bit more.

The reason I advise you to shout about the great wooden toys you give as presents at your grotto is because wooden toys have a very high perceived value by parents, even small ones.

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Toys for Santa's Grottos this Christmas

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