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Santa Grotto Toys
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Why Buy From Us - Fundraisers

Santa Grotto Toys |  Why Buy From Us - Fundraisers

Why Fundraisers Should Buy Their Santa Grotto Toys from Us
* You'll raise more money
* You'll save TIME and MONEY
* You'll bring in more visitors
* You can publicise Santa gives WOODEN toys
* You can charge more money
* Order just as many or as little as you need

You WILL raise more money

Our affordable wooden santa grotto toys and our books as grotto gifts have a high perceived value by parents, therefore you can raise the price of your Santa's grotto (as much or as little as you like) and they'll be happy to pay once they know your Father Christmas will be handing out wooden toys and books as gifts.

Just make sure you let them know that your Father Christmas will be giving out great wooden gifts or beautiful books that their children will love. Put it on all your advertising and publicity, including leaflets and posters and letters home. Highlight it, make it a big thing and you'll raise more money.

One of our customers, who completed an anonymous survey, told us: "We've had lots of very positive comments about the quality of the toys - not the usual plastic tat."

You WILL raise more money
You WILL Save Time and Money You WILL save time and money

All our santa grotto toys and books come gift wrapped FREE.

We take the hard work out of your Christmas fundraising by doing all the gift wrapping that you'd have to recruit volunteers to spend hours doing.

We know you'll save time and money when you buy toys and books from us to be given as gifts from Father Christmas in your Santa's Grottos because our customer's have told us so.

In a recent anonymous survey 100% of our customers agreed that they'd saved both time and money buying santa grotto toys and books wholesale from us.

You'll Get MORE Visitors to Your Santa Grotto

If you purchase toys and books as santa grotto gifts from us and you let your potential grotto customers know, then you'll get more parents bring their children to your Santa's Grotto.

Even the biggest most expensive Santa's Grottos don't always give out great toys as presents from Father Christmas.

Your PTA Christmas grotto is giving beautifullly wrapped wooden toys or books as presents, let everyone know this and you'll get more customers.

One customer surveyed said: "We bought Horrible History books, which parents liked and so did the children."

You'll Get More Customers to your Grotto
Order Just What You Need Order Just What You Need

You don't have to buy your toys and books for your santa grotto in 12s or 24s with us, you can simply select whichever toys you want and exactly how many of each you need.

We have no minimum or maximum order, just order what you need.

Remember -
To make sure you raise more money from your Christmas Grotto this year
PUBLICISE that you give wooden toys or books and have toys for babies (if you opt to do this)

To save you having to find space to store your grotto toys, we store your grotto toys until the week of your grotto when they will be shipped to you by 48 hour courier to arrive to you in time for your grotto ready to pull straight from Santa's sack.

100% of the customers we surveyed said they would recommend our toys and books to other PTA's and charities as a good way to fundraise at Christmas.

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christmas santa grotto toys, books, gifts and presents for fundraising with free gift wrapping. We also stock wooden children's toys, fairtrade toys, ethical toys, eco toys for babies, toddlers and preschool children. All our children's toys, baby toys and toddler toys are age appropriate and ethically traded, sourced or made. Toys for 1 year olds, toys for 2 year olds, toys for 3 year olds, toys for 4 year olds including santa grotto toys, books, gifts and presents.

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