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Questions to Ask Before you Order your Grotto Gifts

Santa Grotto Toys |  Get the Best from Your Grotto |  Questions to Ask Before you Order your Grotto Gifts

Ten Questions to Ask Before you Order Grotto Gifts...

We started our Santa grotto toy business 10 years ago in 2003.

We were the first specialist company supplying gift wrapped wooden toys to be given as presents from Father Christmas at all kinds of Santa grotto’s throughout the UK.

In the past few years we’ve seen more and more companies springing up offering santa grotto toys, none specialising in wooden top quality toys, and several established companies looking to diversify in this troubling economic climate jumping into the market for santa grotto presents and gifts.

We’ve even seen 4 of our former suppliers, after discovering how amazing our business model was, set up in direct competition with us offering their toys as gifts for grottos.

All of this is fair enough – competition is good for the consumer.

But beware the imitators – some offer gift wrapping but charge extra for it Others will sell you plastic toys at inflated prices. While some will only allow you to buy in multiples of 12, 24 or 48. And some of them, because they’re wholesalers, don’t include VAT in their prices. If you don’t read all the small print you can get quite a surprise when the bill comes in and there’s VAT on top.

We’ve even heard, from our customers, of companies who don’t show customers what toys they’ll get for their money. Then they take their money (sometimes up to £5 per gift) and provide them with plastic toys bought from one of the pound shops. These companies are making £4 profit per toy!!

So here are 10 questions you should ask any prospective Grotto toy supplier before you place your order -

Cat in a Santa Hat
The Ten Questions...

1. Do the toys come gift wrapped free or is this extra?

2. If they have no photos of the toys on the site or no catalogue – Can you send me some samples of your grotto toys?

3. Is VAT included in the price or extra?

4. What other extra’s do you charge for?

5. How do I know which toy is which once they’re wrapped?

6. Can you invoice me for my toys?

7. Do you offer a moneyback guarantee?

8. Do you have a minimum order? Do I have to order a minimum amount of each toy?

9. Can I choose exactly what toys I want or do you choose?

10. What is the turnaround time from order to delivery? And what about if I place a re-order?

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