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Frequently Asked Questions

Santa Grotto Toys |  Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy my santa grotto toys?

Click on add to cart underneath the toys and/or books you want to purchase for your Santa's Grotto.
The next page is the place to tell us how many of each toy you want. Type how many you want in the quantity box on this page.

How do I get my toys wrapped free?
You do nothing as your Santa Grotto toys come automatically gift wrapped free of charge.

Can I be invoiced?
Yes, you can be invoiced for Santa Grotto toys. Simply choose "Invoice with Order" as your method of payment at checkout.

**NB - Unfortunately due to the current economic climate and the amount of businesses going under in the past few years we have been forced to introduce a proforma payment of half the cost of your Santa Grotto toys if you order total comes to more than £1000. The remaining half will be invoiced with the toy delivery.
We have not taken this decision lightly but feel it is the only way forward given the current economic climate. In the past two years we have supplied Santa Grotto toys to several business customers who have subsequently gone into liquidation and we have not received payment.
We hope you understand the need for us to introduce this new condition**

Can the invoice be sent to a different address to the delivery address?
Yes. You can get your invoice sent to a different address to your santa grotto toys. Just tick the box at checkout and input the different addresses when asked.

Can I pay in other ways?
Yes. You can pay by credit card or debit card using Paypal or Worldpay. Or you can use Paypal to pay from your either your paypal balance or directly from your bank account. Just select your method of payment at checkout - either Paypal or Worldpay.

How will I know my order is being processed?

If you have given us an email address you will receive an email confirmation that will detail what you have ordered and how you have chosen to pay. This means your order has been received by us and is being processed.

How long will it take for my toys to be delivered?
We are a small family business, we don't have a huge warehouse and we don't employ hundreds of staff or the wonders of IT to pick and pack your toys. Therefore, your toys will take longer to be shipped than they would be if you were ordering from somewhere like Amazon. We do guarantee that your toys will be shipped to you in time for your Grotto. In 13 years we have never let anyone down, and we won't let you down.

Can I specify what date my grotto is on and thus when I'll need the toys by?
Yes. We ask you before checkout what date your event is on. We endeavour to ensure that your toys are with you in time for your event but we ask that you place your order as early as possible to prevent disappointment. We ask that you give us at least 7 days. If, however, you have a santa grotto toy emergency please call our santa grotto advisers on 07512 204982.
If for any reason we cannot fulfil your request in time we will email you to let you as soon as possible.

How much is shipping?
For orders within the UK we charge an affordable flat rate of £5.50 for shipping regardless of how many toys you buy. Please note we do not ship internationally..

Is there a minimum order for Santa Grotto toys?
No. There is no minimum or maximum order.

Do you offer discounts for customers purchasing hundreds or thousands of santa grotto toys?
No. All our santa grotto toy ranges are priced to be bought in bulk and we do not offer a discount no matter how many toys you are ordering.

What happens if you run out of stock of a toy or book I've ordered?
From September to October we do experience very high demand for our grotto toys and our stock levels can change many times in one day and we can't always update our site to show these changes. We therefore advise you that, sometimes, toys you order may already be out of stock. When this happens, however, we will always contact you to offer you alternatives. If we can't get a hold of you we reserve the right to replace your selected toy with a suitable alternative of the same value or higher.

If we haven't provided an answer to your question then please give us a call on 07512 204982

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