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Santa Grotto Toys
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The Santa Grotto Toy Process

Santa Grotto Toys |  The Santa Grotto Toy Process

How Your Santa Grotto Toys get to You
How Your Santa Grotto Toys get to You
First of all we start with Your Order...

Your order comes into us on our automated website system or we take your order over the phone and input it into our system.

Your grotto toy order is completed in Grotto date order - eg the earliest Santa Grotto dates are completed first to ensure they reach you in plenty of time for their grotto.

childrens santa grotto toys
childrens christmas party toys Getting the Paper Just Right...

Most of our santa grotto toys have already been wrapped by our merry little band of Santa's little helpers - our gift wrapping experts. To make this easier on us all, Santa's main little helper, Ian, cuts all the Christmas paper needed to wrap all the childrens toys earmarked for all your grottos.

It is so much easier when the paper is cut to the exact size needed for each toy. Ian has a fabulous work station with bits of christmas gift wrap flying all over the place! Each toy has it's own gift wrap template. Ian has worked out the exact measurements required for every toy and has cut a template for them.

On his work station there are pieces of gift wrap with words like 'clackers' written across the middle - those are his templates and we touch them at our peril!

So, once Ian has cut our paper to size myself and Santa's other little helpers (aka gift wrapping experts) spend our days and nights in the months from May to September gift wrapping children's santa grotto toys.

After 11 years experience of gift wrapping we've been known to wrap more than 300 toys in under an hour, although that depends on what the toy is and how easy it is wrap. To be honest, dominoes and pick up stix are the easiest to wrap.

kids christmas party toys
santa grotto childrens toys Once the toys have been gift wrapped and colour coded with little shiny different coloured stars and brightly coloured spots they are packed into their boxes (recycled boxes no less) by Ian and sent off to be delivered to you by our courier.

It might sound quite a simple process. And it is I guess, but it's time consuming as we're giftwrapping all these christmas toys while also doing our normal every day Toys to You work!
Some days we can't find the time to wrap any toys what with processing normal toy orders and answering the phone.

But we wouldn't have it any other way. We love what we do and we love working hard to make your Christmas grotto's the best they've ever been.

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