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How You Can Take Credit Card Payments

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Credit Card Payments

There are many different ways for you to take credit card payments.
As stated in our party plan manual, you can simply take the credit card details from your customers and email it to us, whereby we'll put it through our systems and refund you your 35% commission to paypal on a weekly basis.
if you'd like to be in total control of all your payments, cash, cheque and credit cards, then at Toys to You we recommend using PayPal to take credit card payments.
PayPal Virtual Terminal

PayPal makes it easy to accept credit and debit card payments over the phone or face to face.
It’s an affordable alternative to a card swipe machine, but all done online via PayPal.
Simply log in to your PayPal account, enter your customer’s details and PayPal processes the payment for you.

How Does PayPal Virtual Terminal Work?

Your PC is Your Point of Sale
Virtual Terminal lets you process payments for phone, fax and mail orders. You can use it at your office, at home or on the road - anywhere you have internet access. Simply log in to your PayPal account and enter the customer's credit or debit card details. All major cards are accepted and the money is in your PayPal account in minutes.

No Need for a Website
If you don't have a website, Virtual Terminal is the ideal solution for taking payments. And even if you do have a website, you may wish to expand your business offline by allowing customers to pay you over the phone or via fax or mail orders.

No need to break the bank
Virtual Terminal makes the savings add up fast. You don't need a traditional merchant account and you won't pay set-up fees, minimum transaction volume fees, or cancellation charges. You'll also save on a card swipe machine, since it's all done online via PayPal.

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