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Toys to You has chosen Kabubbu village as our charity. We support Kabubbu with toys for their school and kindergarten.

We also support our local schools, Mayfield Primary School and Heathfield Community College, in their endeavours to raise money for Kabubbu and to send pupils and teachers to visit the villages and bring Kabubbu's teachers to our schools.

We are very pleased to have been able to provide prizes and trophies for fundraising efforts ran by our local schools.

See below for more information on our support and to see photographs.

Our Boy Goes to Kabubbu!!
Our Boy Goes to Kabubbu!!
What is Kabubbu and the Quicken Trust
What is Kabubbu and the Quicken Trust
Why Uganda?

Landlocked Uganda sits across the equator. Its population is estimated to be over 30,000,000.. It is a population racked with AIDS. Tens of thousands die from this disease each year. It is recognised as the worldwide epicentre of AIDS.

Over 5% of the children are living without a future. In Kabubbu alone there are hundreds of impoverished orphans.

Is this a hopeless situation or can something be done?

Can you help make a difference?

Among the population there are over 1,300,000 children who have been orphaned because their parents have died of AIDS or HIV. Some have one parent remaining, although in most cases this parent is also ill with AIDS or the HIV virus with only a short amount of life left to live and a large family to bring up and support.

Quicken Trust have run several major projects in Kabubbu and are now concentrating on self-sustainability.

About Kabubbu
What Kabubbu Needed

In February 2000 members of the Quicken Trust met with the 32 community leaders of the Kabubbu Development Project (KDP) who asked them to help them with the development of their village.

A medical clinic, a school and clean water were some of the most vital needs they had for their future health, and education of the hundreds of children, many orphaned, living there. The Quicken Trust asked the KDP to prioritise their needs. Finally, after much discussion, they concluded that the most urgent need in their community was the 400 orphans living among them.

These orphans made an enormous drain on their meagre resources. Because no proper education was available in their area the future of the village was in jeopardy as the orphans grew up. Their desperation for food and clothing would mean them either finding their way to Kampala where they would become 'street children' living off prostitution or crime, or they would seek to steal from the community in Kabubbu to meet their basic needs.

Quicken Trust agreed to begin seeking a solution. By July 2000 twelve families in England had agreed to sponsor an orphan. They were transported daily to a school about 10 kilometres from Kabubbu. The school provided them with education, medicine, food and a uniform. It also taught them skills needed to utilise the land and in carpentry, sewing and cooking.

This was only a short-term solution. In the long term a school was needed in Kabubbu. Another charity, Ambassadors of Hope, had already constructed many schools in Uganda as partnership projects. They were skilled in this work and had visited Kabubbu to assess the need there. They reported that there was a definite need for a school in the village and they were prepared to partner with Quicken Trust and the local community in its construction.

In July 2000 the Quicken Trust found a six-acre plot of land.

The villagers were making bricks by mixing earth and water and placing them to dry in the sun. These were fired when they had dried. They slowly gathered a supply of sand ready for construction.

There was a need for resources to supply the things the local community could not provide because they lacked the finances. Such things as cement, corrugated sheeting for the roof, paint and so on.

The villagers were prepared to partner with their labour and local skills. Within a year concerned individuals in the UK had raised £20,000 and in August 2001 a 72 hour marathon Bike Ride to Uganda on static exercise bikes took place in Hailsham, East Sussex over the August Bank Holiday weekend.

The cyclists covered the 4,000 miles between Hailsham and Kabubbu. The event was supported by hundreds of people and raised a further £20,000 enabling the school to be built.

What does Kabubbu Need for the Future?
What does Kabubbu Need for the Future?
Toys to You and Kabubbu

We have been looking for a charity that we really want to support for a while, one that makes us want to help and change lives. And as soon as we heard about Kabubbu we knew this was a charity that we wanted to get involved with.

Instead of sending money, however, we have taken the decision to help educate the children through play and also to help stock the primary and nursery schools with educational toys.

Therefore, when some of the teachers from our local primary school, Mayfield Church of England Primary (which also supports the Ugandan village), went to Kabubbu during the summer we sent some Fair Trade wooden puzzles and some puppets along with them.

What do we do with these things?

As surprising as it may seem to us in the UK and even to our children, the orphans in Kabubbu had no idea what to do with the puppets or even how to play with the puzzles.

It took a lesson in play from Miss Warren from Mayfield Primary School to teach them how to have fun with the toys while also learning.

And as soon as they learnt how to play with the puppets and puzzles there was no stopping the children.

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