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EverEarth Toys

Ethical Toy Shop |  EverEarth Toys

Everearth Eco-Friendly Wooden Toys
Everearth Toys care about the environment that we live in and they only manufacture environmentally conscious wooden toys & gifts as they believe the earth belongs to us all, and we must remember it is the only one we have!
Everearth Toys embrace environmentally conscience technologies and practices. And believe it is their duty to do what is right whenever and wherever they can.
By using a renewable resource and participating in reforesting programs, they are able to bring smiles to the faces of millions of children across the globe whilst still protecting our natural resources.
Everearth wooden toys care about environmental protection. They believe that simple and safe is the right way to manufacture toys for children.
And they're committed to bringing toys back to nature, back to simple, but still fun and of course 100% safe at all times.

First Dolls House (EE30978 )
wooden doll house

Price: 39.99 (47.99)

Bead Frame (EE30895 )
flower bead fun

Price: 22.97 (27.56)

Work Bench (EE32600 )
wooden work bench

Price: 27.97 (33.56)

Wooden Kitchen (EE30986)
kitchen set

Price: 51.97 (62.36)

Activity Centre (EE32635)
pond activity

Price: 79.97 (95.96)

Wooden Walker (EE30949)
activity walker

Price: 57.00 (68.40)

Ethical Toy Shop |  EverEarth Toys

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