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Sorting Train (PLN-51190)

This incredible toy is a sorting toy, a 3-D puzzle, and a pullalong toy all rolled into one.
Your child can reassemble the train by matching the pieces according to shapes and sizes.
And once your child has built the sorting train back up they can use it as a pullalong toy.
The sorting train can be pulled along wherever your child desires using the attached cord which helps children develop good hand-eye coordination. Children can sort shapes into the spaces provided on the train by matching shapes with corresponding spaces. This helps children learn how to solve problems through trial and error.
This eco friendly hardwood pullalong sorting train toy is beautifully crafted, and will stand up to years and years of play.
Rubberwood is used to make toys that are bright, colorful and are good for the environment.
In the past, rubber trees that were no longer producing latex would be burned. Now, these abandoned trees are utilized to make sustainable playthings.
Age 2 years +
14.5 x 10 x 13.5cms

**availability - normally shipped within 5-7 working days**

Price: 19.97 (23.96)

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