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Pebble Toys

Ethical Toy Shop |  Pebble Toys

Pebble Organic & Fair Trade Toys
Pebble Toys make knitted and crocheted toys and gifts that are either made from organic material or made to fair trade practices in Bangladesh.
These organic and knitted toys help change the lives of women in third world countries. They are perfectly designed for little hands and are perfectly safe for your children to play with as they're made from natural resources.
Best Years is a toy company that cares about how their toys are made and the people who make them.
Buying them means you care too.

Chubby Monster Rattle - Cheeky (by200-099cmg)
cheeky monster

Price: 14.97 (17.96)

Chubby Monster Rattle - Silly (by200-099cmp)
silly monster

Price: 14.97 (17.96)

Chubby Monster Rattle - Scary (by200-033cmb)
crochet monster

Price: 14.97 (17.96)

Large Knitted T-Rex (by4110)
Large T-Rex

Price: 19.95 (23.94)

Large Crochet Stegosaurus (by200-097stga)
Crochet Stegosaurus

Price: 35.99 (43.19)

Small Knitted T-Rex (by4040a)
small T-rex

Price: 14.95 (17.94)

Knitted Monkey Rattle (by4041)
Monkey Rattle

Price: 12.95 (15.54)

Pink Crochet Owl Rattle (BY200-0990P)
pink owl rattle

Price: 10.97 (13.16)

Blue Crochet Owl Rattle (BY200-0990B)
blue owl

Price: 10.97 (13.16)

Knitted Elephant Pink (by4039)
pink elephant

Price: 12.95 (15.54)

Crochet Tiger (BY200-010tig)
Tiger Toy

Price: 19.97 (23.96)

Crochet Octopus Rattle Pink (BY200-099Octb)
quirky rattle

Price: 10.97 (13.16)

Crocheted Octupus Rattle Blue (by200-099octb)
crochet rattle

Price: 10.97 (13.16)

Best Years & Pebble Toys
Pebble have been making fair trade knitted toys and gift since 2004.

Pebble brand and range. The business now employs over 5,000 women in 52 different regions of Bangladesh, and Samantha is passionate about the ethos of handmade. All too often, industrial machines wade in, when handmade would be quicker, better and more cost effective.

Their wonderful knitted goods are hand-made with great care and skill by women in rural areas of Bangladesh.
Rural jobs that are fairly paid, good quality, flexable and fair!
By buying Pebble toys and gifts you help create employment opportunities for artisans that are within a 5-10 minute walk from their homes but at the same time provides a safe and compliant working environment. Employment that fits in with the artisans rural way of life rather than employment which dictates the rhythm of their lives.
And the quirky animals and fun toys they create are always a hit with children.

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