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I'M Toys

Ethical Toy Shop |  I'M Toys

I'M Toys
I'M Toy have been creating wooden and fabric toys since 1987. All the toys have been carefully designed and produced from environmentally friendly materials and sustainable rubberwood. The toys are finished with non-toxic and preservative free paint.
All I'M Toy products are made and tested to comply with international standards; European Standard En-71 and American National Standards ASTM-F963-96a.
All I'M Toy baby products are wonderful to stimulate baby's hand eye co-ordination and development. They use bright colours and tactile fabrics and sounds to hold baby's attention.
I'M Toys
Rattle Ring Bee (IMN-12062)
bee baby rattle

Price: 10.97 (13.16)

Busy Bug (IMN-12049)
Busy Bug Rattle

Price: 12.97 (15.56)

Creepy Crawly Mobile (IMN-17020)
Eco toy wooden cot mobile

Price: 16.00 (19.20)

Rattle Ring Snail (IMN-12055)
eco toy wooden rattle

Price: 10.95 (13.14)

Tricksy Turtle (IMN-12012)
wooden eco toy turtle

Price: 15.95 (19.14)

Frisky Froggy (IMN-12011)
wooden eco toy frog

Price: 12.95 (15.54)

Noah Activity Ark (IMN 12037)
Exceptional noahs ark

Price: 25.00 (30.00)

Geo Sort n Drum Roller (IMN-22002
eco drum shape sorter

Price: 14.95 (17.94)

Alphabet Blocks (IMN-22079)
wooden alphabet blocks

Price: 24.97 (29.96)

Baby First Drive (IMN 22048)
Baby toddling toy driver

Price: 43.00 (51.60)

Wooden Blocks Walker (IMN-42063)
Patterned blocks walker eco toy

Price: 38.95 (46.74)

Blockers Walker Orange & Yellow (IMN-42060)
Building blocks walker

Price: 38.95 (46.74)

Witty Worm (IMN-22020)
eco stacking toy

Price: 12.99 (15.59)

Busy Bench (IMN-22021)
Eco toy wooden activity bench

Price: 16.97 (20.36)

Dollie Cradle (IMN-42032PP)
Wooden dollies cradle

Price: 42.95 (51.54)

Dollie Stroller (IMN-42036PP)
Wooden dolls buggy

Price: 28.99 (34.79)

Paddie Rider Tigger (IMN-80006)
Wooden tigger trike

Price: 35.97 (43.16)

Pally Pirate Noah (IMN-22068)
Pirate ship activity eco toy

Price: 27.00 (32.40)

Combo Toy Box (IMN-42005S)
Green wooden toy box combo

Price: 65.95 (79.14)

Dolls Rocking Bed (IMN-42033PP)
Dolls wooden rocking cradle

Price: 35.97 (43.16)

Activity Melody Bench (IMN-22086)
Wooden music making bench

Price: 33.97 (40.76)

Melody Mix (IMN 22050)
Melody Mix (IMN 22050)
Wooden melody mix musical feast

Price: 37.95 (45.54)

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Ethical Toy Shop |  I'M Toys

Childrens toys, kids toys, baby toys that are all ethical toys, Fairtrade toys, green toys, eco-friendly toys, organic toys and fair trade toys for toddlers, preschoolers and babies. All Toys to You toys are ethical, age appropriate and safe. Also fundraising & bulk Santa Grotto toys and Childrens Party Toys at Toys to You.

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