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santa grotto toys - how to order yours

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How to Buy your Santa Grotto Toys from Toys to You

santa grotto toys that are top quality wooden toys are what we specialise in and we have also now launched a range of books for santa's grottos.

To buy your santa grotto toys and/or books all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

1. click - click on add to cart underneath either our £1.10 wooden santa grotto toys, our 90p grotto toy range. our baby ranges or our santa grotto book selection.

2. questions - on the next page you simply have to answer the questions - what is your toy split and when is your grotto.
What is your toy split - here you let us know how many santa grotto toys or books you need. This would also be the place where you can tell us if you'd like a toys for specific ages eg 50 toys for under 5's and 50 toys for 6-11 years. You can also use this space to let us know if you would like to receive specific toys eg 50 wooden clackers, 25 pick up stix. (please note, we can't guarantee that we will be able to fulfill your request for specific toys exactly but you will receive toys from our pictured range if we can't do this)
When is your grotto - tell us the date of your grotto and we are aware when you need your santa grotto toys. We endeavour to get your santa grotto toys or books to you at least one week before your grotto date or earlier if possible.
You don't need to add gift wrap as all our santa grotto toys are pre-giftwrapped for you.

3. checkout - Complete checkout by telling us your address. If you would like your toys and your invoice delivered to different addresses then this is the place to do this.

4. Choose how you'd like to pay.
You can either pay by invoice with order or paypal or credit card.
With our invoice with order you are given 30 days to pay for your santa grotto toys. We have this in place as we understand that businesses and schools and PTA's often need time to raise a cheque for payment. So we introduced this method of payment to make it easier for you to order your santa grotto toys from us.
When you pay by paypal or credit card payment is taken right away.

5. complete - Complete checkout and your Santa's grotto toys are ordered.

6. confirmation - You will receive a confirmation email from us to say your order has been received and is being processed.

7. email - You will receive an email to let you when your order has been shipped.

Please be aware that as Christmas approaches we do get very, very busy and often do not have time to answer our telephone. If this is the case when you ring us please leave a message and we'll get back to you within 24 hours of your call.
Or email us and we will deal with it within the next 24 hours.

We really look forward to being able to supply you with top quality wooden santa grotto toys or great grotto books with free gift wrap.

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